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General Practice

General Practice Service

A general practice attorney or law firm is pretty similar. Many of these can provide a broad range of services that will be more than enough for most people most of the time. If you have an especially complex or specialized legal issue — just like if you have a complex or specialized medical need — the general practitioner might not be up to the task.

In both cases, though, the general practice doctor or lawyer will be able to provide guidance and recommendations for the specialist that you need. A lot of people will only need the services of an attorney a few times in their lives. While these are rare and unusual occurrences, the majority of needs most people will have are relatively straightforward, common tasks for a general practice attorney, such as the following:

  • Creating a will, trust, or estate plan
  • Serving as an estate executor
  • Handling a straightforward civil lawsuit (as plaintiff or defendant)
  • Drafting or reviewing a contract
  • Dealing with a minor criminal matter (a traffic ticket or misdemeanor)
  • Legal aid in the relationship between the family and the child
  • Legal aid to protect the rights of minors