Family Law Service.

Family law is one of the areas of the law on issues related to family and family relations. Laws of family affairs is a wide and thorny field because it is a legal field accompanied by feelings, psychological and economic setbacks and others, which the parties feel during the dispute, so there is a need for knowledge, for practice and professional expertise by the lawyer who deals with the issue, especially since legal procedures in many cases may Be continuous and long.
Given our awareness of the importance of the family’s role in building society, we have a team of lawyers at the highest level of experience in cases related to various family issues. We have lawyers specializing in the Family Law department always ready to

  • Preparing marriage contracts
  • Cases that prove a marital relationship
  • Legal aid in cases related to divorce, divorce, and annulment of marriage
  • Legal aid in cases of proof of parentage and investigation of parenting and child custody (children)
  • Child support lawsuits, place fee, custody fee, and breastfeeding fee
  • Legal aid in the relationship between the family and the child
  • Legal aid to protect the rights of minors